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#1 New Momma Essential

I'm 5 months pregnant, but my happy hour is back! Telling all my momma-to-be friends how amazing this tastes!
- Deni

Sparkling Rosé

Dry and bright botanicals of strawberry blossom, citrus, lychee and mineral dance within this exquisite blend of Zinfandel, French Colombard, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir. Breathe deeply to fill your senses with sweet gardenia effervescence. 0.50% alcohol by volume.

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It’s a garden party in a glass

Soothing sweet gardenia and strawberry blossom dissolve effortlessly into perfect pink yumminess.

low cal

low carb

low sugar

sans alcohol


Pairs deliciously with

Creamy risotto, French fries and 2AM cravings

All bubbles, no troubles.

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“Its delish and has just the right amount of bubbles”

I brought the sparkling rose to my besties baby shower and it was a huge hit. Mom to be said she was thrilled to get to drink something “grown-up”.

“Loved driving home and not worrying about a buzz.”

Managed to drink an entire bottle on my own. It's lovely, light and delicious. If I hadn't known I would have sworn there was alcohol in it.


A whole new reason to celebrate ... amazing!

Pour. Sip. Repeat.

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